APPLE & PC Laptop screen repairs and LCD repair services. Don't scrap your laptop over a cracked or dark LCD screen. We can replace broken laptop screens on any laptop, notebook or netbook for much less than a new computer. Our supplier stocks all screens with a 1-2 day delivery (Melbourne Based) with us doing the service within 2 hrs of receiving the part for quick turn around time. Apple units required to be sent to our supplier, average 5 working day turnaround.

We have a full list at the bottom of the page of all the brands we can get a screen for.


We are able to give you a full detailed written quote and offer of a replacement unit for your insurance company.


Laptop hinge repair and replacement. We try to fix any issues with broken laptop screen hinges. Modern laptops use less metal and more plastic which may cause issues when the laptop is dropped or heavily used. A broken laptop screen hinge is more common than you would believe. Unfortunately many hinges are part of the casing and cost can outweigh repair.



Our laptop repair technicians can repair any flaw with your laptop case or frame. We fix issues like broken case bottoms, broken laptop lids, broken frames and laptop plastics. 98% of repairs require new parts, 2% we can fix by reinforcing the broken plastic. Most repair costs and parts outweigh the advantage of a new laptop



We can replace laptop motherboards from any manufacturer**. Replacing a broken laptop is not recommended when compared to the price of a new laptop with all new parts and warranty.



Professional laptop keyboard repair for any brand laptop, notebook or netbook. Located in Kallangur we can also fix broken laptop touch pads or pointer pads. Sometimes individual laptop keys can be replaced or we can replace the whole keyboard with a new replacement keyboard.


We offer data recovery services. If you have a laptop that has stopped working and need the data, we can help. Accidentially deleted files - drive stopped working? Drive must be formatted message? Ticking? Not loading? Water Damage and much more...
We can help with all you data recovery software or hardware issues

ONLY Software Recovery done in house, all hardware damage will be required to be sent to our Data Recovery Business that we use. $200 quote , Standard data recovery between $800-$1500. ** We can only do Screen Repairs, Ram upgrades and harddrive replacements for Apple Laptops for hardware SERVICING.

Here is a partial list of the laptop repair and upgrade services offered by:

Laptop LCD Repair
LCD/Laptop Monitor Repair
Laptop Screen Repair
Operating System Installation
Software Installation
Laptop LCD Screen Repair
Laptop / Notebook Upgrade
Hard Drive / Memory Upgrade
Hardware / Card Upgrade
Hard Drive Back Up
Virus Removal
Hard Drive / Data Recovery
Hard Drive / Laptop Maintenance
Liquid Crystal Display
Laptop Screen Repair
LCD Replacement
LCD Dim Light Repair
Spyware Troubleshooting & Removal
Adware Troubleshooting & Removal

All the Brands we can do screen repairs/replacements on.

Acer Screen Replacement + Laptop Screen Repair Apple Macbook Air Screen Repair & Replacement, Chi Mei Screen Replacement + Laptop Screen Repair, Dell Screen Replacement + Laptop Screen Repair, Gigabyte Screen Replacement, HP Screen Replacement + Laptop Screen Repair, IDTech Screen Replacement + Laptop Screen Repair, LG Philips Screen Replacement MSI Screen Replacement + Laptop Screen Repair Panasonic Screen Replacement, Sharp Screen Replacement + Laptop Screen Repair, Other Apple Screen Replacement, Microsoft Surface Screen Replacements, Getac Laptop Screen Replacement, Alienware Screen Replacement + Laptop Screen Repair, Asus Screen Replacement + Laptop Screen Repair, Chunghwa Screen Replacement, Digital Star Screen Replacement, Hannstar Screen Replacement + Laptop Screen Repair, Hydis Screen Replacement + Laptop Screen Repair, Innolux Screen Replacement + Laptop Screen Repair, Matsushita Screen Replacement, NEC Screen Replacement + Laptop Screen Repair, Quanta Screen Replacement + Laptop Screen Repair, Sony Screen Replacement + Laptop Screen Repair, Leader Screen Replacement + Laptop Screen Repair, Metabox Laptop Screen Replacement, Apple Macbook Screen Repair & Replacement, AU Optronics Screen Replacement, Clevo Screen Replacement, Fujitsu Screen Replacement, Hitachi Screen Replacement, Hyundai Screen Replacement, Lenovo Screen Replacement, Medion Screen Replacement, Optima Screen Replacement, Samsung Screen Replacement, Toshiba Screen Replacement , IVO Screen Replacement, Aorus Laptop Screen, Apple Macbook Pro Screen Repair & Replacement, Benq Screen Replacement, Compaq Screen Replacement, Gateway Screen Replacement, HP Compaq Screen Replacement, IBM Screen Replacement, LG Screen Replacement, Mitsubishi Screen Replacement, Packard Bell Screen Replacement, Sanyo Torisan Screen Replacement, Twinhead Screen Replacement, Lucom Laptop Screens, Venom Laptop Screens.