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PC Protection Services by Technogeek

"TechnoGeek Computer Repairs Northlakes is your one-stop destination for all IT-related needs."

Welcome to the premier destination for specialised technical support in Northlakes - where our dedicated team at Computer Repairs and Services Northlakes excels in servicing laptops, desktops, and All-in-One systems. With a commitment to mastery and precision, our experts provide unparalleled support and ingenious solutions meticulously designed to cater to your distinct needs.

Are you grappling with relentless hardware issues, perplexing software glitches, or in dire need of a strategic upgrade? Fret not, for we are here to help. Computer Repairs and Services Northlakes is adept at meticulously navigating through the complex terrains of hardware and software, ensuring your devices not only return to optimal functionality but do so with minimal downtime and maximum efficiency.

To comprehend the quality and depth of our services, we encourage you to peruse the testimonials and reviews penned by our esteemed customers. These accolades stand testament to our unwavering dedication to superior service and customer satisfaction, highlighting our pursuit to not just meet but consistently surpass expectations.

For queries, further clarification, or to reserve a service appointment with Computer Repairs and Services Northlakes, kindly utilise the accessible contact form situated below. Our team is not merely prepared; we are enthusiastically awaiting to address your technological challenges and deliver the unparalleled support and solutions you seek.

Embark on a seamless journey of exemplary technical support with Computer Repairs and Services Northlakes, where assistance isn’t just provided—it’s crafted to perfection. We eagerly anticipate assisting you soon!"


Hardware diagnostics
Software diagnostics
Performance assessments

Hardware Services
Screen repairs
(cracked screens, display issues)
Keyboard replacements
Battery replacements
Hard drive and SSD repairs/replacements
RAM upgrades/replacements
Motherboard repairs
Power supply repairs/replacements
Graphics card replacements
Optical drive repairs/replacements
Fan and cooling system repairs
Laptop hinge repairs

Software Services
Operating system installations/upgrades
Software installations/upgrades
Driver installations/upgrades
Virus and malware removal
Data recovery and backup solutions
Software optimisation
(speeding up computers)
System restore and factory reset

Network Services
Network troubleshooting
Wi-Fi setup and repair
Router and modem setup
VPN setup and configuration

Peripheral Services
Printer setup and troubleshooting
External storage setup and troubleshooting
Scanner setup and troubleshooting

Custom Builds
Custom PC building for gaming, workstations, or specific needs
Custom server setups

Maintenance Services
Dust cleaning
Thermal paste replacement
Regular maintenance packages
Software updates

Technology consultation
(Individuals & Businesses)
(Upgrades & New Purchases)
IT strategy consultation for businesses

Software training
(office suites, specific software tools, etc.)
Basic computer usage training
Cybersecurity awareness training

Remote Services
Remote technical support
Remote software installations and updates

Security Services
Professional $15 Per Month
Managed and Monitored Protection
Antivirus and anti-malware software clean
Firewall setup and configuration
Computer and network security assessments

Data Services
Data transfer services
Cloud backup setup and management

E-waste Recycling
Environmentally-friendly disposal of old or non-functional computer equipment

Helping Needy Families
Any donated goods will be refurbished and given out.
Please note that other than computers all other items must be working
(We are not an electrical repairer)
We also accept any Kitchen or Electrical items like Stereos, Game Consoles, Microwaves, TV's and more.
(Over 85 families helped since 2020)

Laptop & Desktop
PC Only
Quality Parts Only
6 Days a Week

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